Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Hunt for the Mythical Misty Mountain Motorcycle Campground

"The open road is a beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself."
--William Least Heat Moon

Yep, the road beckons once again but I have the last of my school work to do. So next week I'm taking the motorsickle and my laptop on a trip to ride nice roads by day and finish my master's project by night. First I need to find a Mythical Misty Mountain Motorcycle Campground that:

  • has wi-fi

  • is within a 6-hour drive of Lou-a-vuhl

  • has excellent MC touring routes, preferably near Deal's Gap

  • is not full of drunken yuppie-biker wannabes

  • I've actually found one place that meets most of my criteria, but looks iffy on criteria #4 (hmm - criteria or criterium?).

    Last night I called the place where I really wanted to stay and the conversation went like this:

    "Campground...kin eya hep yeh?"
    "Yeah, I'm coming down that way next week and saw your site on the internet. I was wondering if you guys have wi-fi?"
    "Whut you sayin?"
    "I duuno whutcher sayin."
    "Do you have wireless internet access?"
    " Why would we have that?"
    "OK, nevermind. Thanks."

    The hunt continues...


    Blogger EEK! said...

    Ha! That's a new one, I think I'll steal it.

    "I don't camp, there's no wi-fi."

    8:47 PM  
    Blogger Dr. Chingasa said...

    Yep - I am the king nerd of all motorcyclists.

    10:11 PM  
    Blogger Steve Caratzas said...

    Did you ask if they have a banjo-playing cretin?

    7:05 AM  
    Blogger MsAPhillips said...

    Iron Horse looks amazing.


    8:52 PM  
    Blogger yournamehere said...

    Banjo-playing cretins are extra.

    9:02 PM  

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