Thursday, June 19, 2008

Privacy Schmivacy

So I'm trying out twittering...which has nothing to do with my coffee intake nor my sexual preference. I teach a topics course on things like this a few times a year so I though it best that I keep up with the digital Jones'. Eventually I'll set up my twitter feed to go to this blog. (Update: see below, right for 'Twitter Feed')

In other nerd-news, I also started a Goodreads account and I'm LinkedIn too. Goodreads is like MySpace for bookworms and lists some of the books I've read in the last few years plus ratings and reviews. So far it is much more enjoyable and valuable than twittering. I haven't gotten much use out of LinkedIn YET, but it's becoming a nice repository for my many displaced contact lists. For this introvert, LinkedIn networking is easier than the more traditional the "kissing lots of ass" or "pretending that I like you much more than I really do" methods.

I still haven't taken the dive and switched to and/or started a Facebook profile though.

Biggest Concerns So Far:

  • How much shit do I want people to know about me?

  • Should/Do I care?

  • Do I edit my various profiles and accounts to avoid the inevitable car crash of readership groups...i.e. what happens when linkedin work-contacts read some expletive-laden rant on my blog?

  • Have I not learned the LESSON OF DOOCE?