Saturday, July 19, 2008

Late Night American Burrito Gods

In Neil Gaiman's wonderful fiction masterpiece, American Gods, it is explained that the nexus of power in America is Lookout Mountain, home of Rock City, Ruby Falls, and other shitty tourist traps. The characters in the book visit similar places throughout the US (insert shameless plug for Cave City, Kentucky here) which also hold such power. An underlying premise is that although kitschy, these aging Americana icons still hold a powerful sway over spirit of America. You can still see that proof on a number of rotting barn sides damn near anywhere south of Kentucky and east of the Mississippi. They all beg you to SEE ROCK CITY - 8th Wonder of the World at Lookout Mountain or something to that effect.

These hokey spiritual powerhouses are fading and I wonder what the new, true nexus of power is in America. I think I have found it at the local late-night burrito place. Our favorite in Louisville is called La Bamba, whose mantra is that they serve burritos as big as your head...and they do. I keep finding myself there at 3am for no good reason other than I am a fat underemployed American with a penchant for greasy Mexican food. But anyway, I was reminded of this connection when I noticed a mildly humorous (but not that humorous) YouTube video that does a good job illustrating the phenomenon of Late-Night-Burrito-Place as a growing, underground spiritual power house of America (see below). For some godawful reason it inspired me to blog about American Gods and La Bamba.


Blogger yournamehere said...

La Bamba sobers a person up as if it served magic burritos. The place saves lives, man.

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