Monday, July 14, 2008

The Whirlwind

So I got back from my trip last Thursday night, in time to rest up for Lebowskifest last Friday and Saturday.

As usual, my trips to Texas are 50/50 mix of "glad-to-be-home" and "you-can-never-go-home". I miss certain aspects of Texas: like it being socially acceptable to buy beef jerky while wearing a tank top and sweating profusely at the gas station, being hotter but not so humid as Louisville, and family members who own lakefront beach property and generously share it with you. Things I didn't miss: the ever awkward and dreaded annual socio-political-religious lecture from my father (a mere 90 minutes long this year), the ongoing marital and social ills of my brother, and Texans in general. The ride was nice though. I got to stop and see friends in Nashville, got a nice tan and only hit a small amount of rain once in 2000+ miles of riding.

Leboskifest was fun as usual and I had a first - I did consume oat sodas (leboskifest for beer) and a Caucasian (leboskifest for a White Russian), stayed up to 3:30am, but kept myself in check enough to leave without a hangover. I think that will be a good way to end my Leboskifest days. I may go to future garden parties if the bands or feature events are interesting enough but I'm pretty much done with the main event/all weekend pass thing. This decision is not because the fest is not fun, it is very fun and if you've never gone you should go, but it's a tired idea for a guy who has been to 5 of the fests. I had my share of fun and now there is video evidence to prove it at Sign up on the website to get info on the release date.

Oh - also, last week a whole slew of people died or got fucked up. Luckily my friend Jenny was in the latter category. Jenny (aka Bad Penny) is the founder of the Derby City Roller Girls and broke her leg in several places. She's insured, but won't be able to get back to work for a while so chip in a few bucks already k? Go here for more info and spread the word.


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