Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boiled Peanuts and the Library at the End of the Universe

I'm in the Bryson City, NC library because the MC lodge wireless was too spotty. Plus, the campground magic was gone as of last night. The element I was worried about in the first place showed up in droves for the weekend (i.e. honkies with trailer queens and case-upon-case of Bud Light , violating the un-enforced campground quiet hours).

So I'm at the point now where I'm gonna get a $3 quart of boiled peanuts at the roadside vendor (you know you're in the South when...), go back to the campground and catch several straight hours of college football Saturday, drink until I'm wobbly and then head home on Sunday morning so I can actually finish this goddamned project.

Go Vols...Go Red Raiders!