Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strange But Interesting Currents

"All energy flows according to the whims of the great magnet, " - Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

The last few weeks have been odd, but positive in many ways. I finally graduated and my parents came up from Texas to celebrate. Then I was asked at the last minute to coach the travel team of the Derby City Roller Girls (DCRG) vs. the Naptown Tornado Sirens. My son and I went camping at a nearby state park and ended up next to a group of drunken, hearing impared young adults. The campsite was infested with nosy raccoons and we got to hear deaf people fucking. So our camping nights consisted of a lot of lots of grunts and hoots from randy people and competitive raccoons. I rounded out this week by driving the DCRG "float" (our truck) in Louisville's annual Gay Pride Parade. My alt-resume of odd jobs and experiences continues to fill out nicely.

In other news, here's another old family photo from the archives. Gotta love the hat. Enjoy.