Saturday, September 29, 2007

I Come From Brooklyn Cuz That's Where I'm From

With the new job, I've in the New Jersey/New York City area most weekdays lately...a region of the country I'd never been before a few weeks ago. It's weird for me to see the place where so much of American culture originates and at the same time, think that I'm in a foreign country. It's not foreign to me like going to Botswana or Tannu Tuva. It's foreign like going to a church of a different denomination of the same greater religion. Same basic beliefs, different rituals, songs, and costumes. Some things frustrate me while others I wish on my home community. For example:

  • Why don't gas stations in NJ carry fucking beer!

  • Why does an economically successful state like New Jersey (relative to Kentucky) MANDATE that some poor bastard pump my gas for me?

  • Why don't economically challenged areas in Appalachia mandate that some poor bastard pump my gas for me?

  • Why is gas in Kentucky .30-.50 cents higher than in New Jersey?

  • Why don't we have a kick-ass train system in the Louisville area when it is the economic hub for the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky?

  • Why don't transportation officials in New Jersey learn that green turn signals at traffic lights are better than mile-long "jug handle" re-routes?

  • Well enough of that. The good news is that I got a personalized tour of NYC from my friend Steve, king of the Octaku. I may be going on another tour of NYC next week with some folks from work, and I'm planning to see Spamalot, the Duke Gardens in NJ, and the statues at Eldridge R. Johnson Park. More to come...


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    Louisville is the economic hub for the entire Commonwealth, but we are accorded NO respect from rural Kentucky citizens and lawmakers.

    It strikes me as funny that the arch conservative, Republican-voting counties in this state benefit from Socialism, in that they receive FAR MORE state benefits than they pay in taxes; whereas Louisville gets about a third of its state tax dollars back. I declare shenanigans.

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