Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Thrilla in the Ville-a -- Sunday, August 12

I'm really looking forward to this bout on 8/12 - The Hard Knox Roller Girls (Knoxville, TN) vs. The Derby City Roller Girls (Louisville, KY). I think the mostly healed and re-tooled Jackie O'Nasties have a real chance of taking anything Knoxville can throw at them (especially since a battered and short Jackie's roster STILL kicked the dogshit outta a full Clevelend team - oh, did you miss that? Tsk Tsk). I also happen to have insider knowledge that the Red Menace are seeing RED, improving strategies, and working hard towards their first win.

There are also strange rumors about a super-secret training cadre of DCRG ladies using unconventional methods to prepare for ths bout. To wit: I've heard that they recently took over the Louisville Skatepark by force, beat tractor tires with sledgehammers while cursing on a regular basis, and use leather..."toys" to spank strangers in public. NO SHIT!

Anyway, If you've missed the flat track roller derby revolution, you're missing out on a some of the most interesting chapters in sport's history, women's sports, and feminism. I hope to see you at this exciting double-header. D.C. Bomaye! Click the button below for ticket info - it's cheaper online.