Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Great Uncle Paul

I only met him once, at my great grandmother's (Cordelia "Dee" Belle Wasson/Hamilton) funeral. He was saying his last goodbye's to his oldest sister. I think he's passed on as well. For some reason, I have a lot of pictures of him and his family in this photo collection I inherited. If pictures tell a thousand words, it seems that Uncle Paul has a friendly story to tell. He's definitely a long-tall Texan. He and his wife never had natural children, but they adopted two kids, one of which was either hispanic or native american. I have multiple photos of his and family in his orchard.

I think this was his wedding suit:

I believe he's either the guy in the background or the one taking the picture of one of the sisters. Plus - what I thought was an oil well in an earlier photo is just the family homestead's windmill, seen here in the background:

My great grandmother is on the left and the tall guy is my Great Uncle Paul...with their siblings whose names I don't know: