Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 Years on Main Street: 1986-1991

Sometimes I wonder why I have such a disconnect with America. It might be attributed to my upbringing in what should be properly qualified as a foreign country.

This is where I lived in my teen-years: La Vernia, Texas. When I lived there in the late 80's through 1991, little had changed on Chihuahua Street from this picture. For example, look at this picture, then pave the road, subtract the model T's and insert Chevy trucks. The building on the lower right used to be a popular hangout for my friends and I, a place where we played pool, jammed with our guitars and a friend of mine broke his jaw in several places after huffing model paint propellant and attempted to navigate the backdoor steps. Just out of the shot on the lower left was the original grocery store/Chevy dealership where, on the roof, my friends and I established the Anti-Redneck Club, where we smoked cigarettes, plotted revenge, hid from the Wilson County Sheriff named Walter, and spray painted shit.


Blogger KillerBunny4 said...

Nice. Brings back many repressed memories. And one or two good ones.

Although I think Paul busted his jaw in his garage. That's my memory, but I was also a little under the influence :)


p.s. sorry it took me so long to post a comment.

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