Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Bridges of Milfbush County

Here's a neat link I got from the John Yarmuth campaign, via the Washington Post, that I though was interesting...especially the video of a visibly shaken, not-cool, Anne Northup.

Watch Anne yell at some guy named Mark for insinuating that John Yarmuth is running a positive campaign.

Anne then goes on to talk about the mythical bridges of tomorrow that every Louisville politician likes to dangle before the masses (yeah, the bridges that don't exist but have been discussed for DECADES).

Although I don't think Yarmuth has the charisma that Conway had last election (and face it, ya gotta have charisma in this age of TV-n-whutnot) I do think that running a local campaign on national issues this go-around is smart. It's especially smart since Anne (your MILF-ish days are over) is unarguably a partyline Bush-ite that needs to eat that crow with all her politial kin.