Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Church Pews For Sale

My church is under renovation to accomodate more members and we are selling our pews. The picture is not an actual picture of the ones for sale, but ours are similiar. They are great for coffee houses, parlors, living/reading rooms, make an interesting book shelf, etc. They can be easily sawed in half for tight spaces or to make two benches. They are solid oak with no engravings, no symbols, and have a removable seating pad.

If you are in the Louisville area and are interested, contact Todd Eklof at the number below. Act fast - I think there are only about 9 pews left at $150/each. What a great way to make your living/working space more interesting.

For more info, contact Rev. Todd F. Eklof at (502) 895-3189 or todd@cliftonunitarian.org .